Sunday, July 3, 2011

Walk in His Shoes

I'm super excited to announce another great opportunity to support Rob. Especially because it is an awesome way to help others in need. We are going to be collecting shoes. The organization is called Project Sole. They collect shoes, pay us a few dollars for each one, then send them to people in need. Most of us can think of a few pairs deep in our closet that don't get used or that have been outgrown right? Dust those babies off and bring them to the run on Saturday. They are looking for "sneaker" type shoes because they work best for the people over seas in need. We will be collecting shoes at all our upcoming events so keep 'em coming. If you would like to help collect shoes in your neighborhood let us know. We would be more than happy to pick them up and help you in your efforts. Thank you for all you do!

Tonight we were talking with Rob and noticing that his hair is starting to grow back. He made the comment that with no hair on his body he has no reason to look in the mirror. Each morning he wipes his eyes clear of sleep and is ready to go for the day. It's hard to see him so uncomfortable with pain but I love how still cracks jokes and makes the best of it.

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