Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Robi

32 years ago today Robi came to this earth. Its been almost 2 months since he left. His time here was so short. I still ask myself the question, "Did we really have a funeral for Robi?" Was that real? I keep thinking he's still going to come over to our house and set up our apple TV :)
What would we do for him to celebrate his day today if he were with us? We would have the biggest birthday party possible! He would choose Texas de Brazil for his dinner and he'd spend the whole day glued to Amber and their girls. He loved them so much.
Amber is having a hard time right now. We've heard that immediately after a death is easier than the pain that comes a few weeks later, that seems to be true in her case. She is coming out of the haze she has been protected by over the last few months and its been very difficult. Today will be a challenge. Let's celebrate his birthday today by doing what he really wants- making his family happy. Send them a note, some flowers, a prayer, drop balloons on the doorstep- whatever you're most comfortable with. But he would like to see his family, especially Amber, happy again. That would be BEST present we could give him.