Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ride for Robi A Success! Thank you!!!

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the Ride or Run for Robi Event. We had a good crowd and a fun morning! We raised $5,000! Everyone that came was so generous. Robi is really blessed to have such a strong support behind him. Today was another successful fundraiser thanks to all of you. Have a good weekend! (...hope you aren't too sore tomorrow) :)

And if you missed out on the shirts, you can still purchase them. Either comment here (don't be shy!) and I'll ask Stacey to get in touch with you or come to zumba this Friday morning at 9:30 at Legacy High School. They're super cute! ...I think it would be cool if we all wore these "Remedy For Robi" shirts to zumba on Friday!


  1. I want one, but I don't live in Las Vegas. I'm in Cedar City and a friend of Brenda's. How can I get one?

  2. Courtney,
    I emailed you at the email address listed on your blogger account. I also gave Stacey your email address so she will be in touch with you soon. Thank you!!

  3. We'd like to get 2 T-shirts--Men's XL and women's L. Thanks! --The Bayne's.

  4. Hi, I was wondering how I could get one of these shirts. I live in AZ. You can email me at Thanks!