Saturday, July 30, 2011

On Friday, July 29 Rob Grimshaw left this earth.

I can tell you he left this life a better place because he was in it
and I know he will take great pride in preparing the next
for his beautiful wife and daughters.
We take comfort in knowing families are forever and they will be reunited once again.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support during the past few months. Rob felt it and was overwhelmed. He left knowing that his wife and daughters had a wonderful system support behind them.

The night of his passing was very unexpected by all of us. He was on life support but was doing very well on it. His numbers were good and he was strong. When the time came for him to go, it happened very quickly. His stats were reading normal at 1:30 am. He passed away at 2:30. It was a blessing that it was quick and he didn't seem to struggle through it.

Its very hard to write about the feelings and emotions of such a personal subject, especially when the experience isn't mine. Its my best friend's. I have tried to write in a way that tells his story positively and sensitively but I struggle to know what he would like me to write, especially now. I think if Rob were able to sign on here and leave us all a message he might quote a few lines from his favorite songs, he'd tell us a few jokes (that would probably take Amber about 10 minutes to catch on to) he'd express his love for Amber and his girls, and he would tell us to be happy. He is pain free. He is happy. He is with his mother and brother. He will be with us again.

He tried to convey his love for Amber the night before he was put in to his coma. He didn't know what was coming but he felt a sense of urgency and anxiety to make sure she knew how he felt. He couldn't come up with enough words to explain the deep feelings he felt for her. Amber wasn't ready for that conversation yet, but she told him she loved him too and that she knew he loved her.

They really are an amazing couple that are a wonderful example to all of us. He trusted her every decision and she did everything a person can do, and more. They showed their love for each other and didn't take each other for granted. There was never a conversation that I had with them during this whole experience where they didn't teach me a lesson, give me more faith, or inspire me to do better.

One person that I haven't mentioned a whole lot in this blog is Robi's Dad, Alan. He lives with Robi and Amber and he is AMAZING. He has taken care of the 2 little girls while Rob and Amber traveled. He helps with everything around the house and he is a strength to all of them. He has been there every step of this journey and I am so grateful he is there for Robi's family.

I love them so much and I thank you for all your help during this physically and emotionally painful past few months. Amber, Alan, Joslyn, and Savannah will be blessed and buoyed up by their faith in Jesus Christ.


  1. thank you so much for keeping us updated and for letting us be a part of their story. i know it can't be easy for you, so i just wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciate it. please tell amber we all love her and she is in my thoughts every day.
    Kristy Unruh Milon

  2. You have done an awesome job with keeping us updated. Thank YOU!!! Keeping the family in my thoughts and prayers!!! Their strength is inspiring!!!
    Sandy Doram Long

  3. Lindsey words can't explain how much this family has changed my life. I want to thank you personally for introducing me to this inspiring sweet family who I have never met. I was praying so hard for them and have treated this like Rob was my own brother. It crushes me and my heart aches so much for his family. I can't even imagine the loss they are feeling right now. Thank you for the inspiring post funny and sad. You have shared his story in such a loving respectable way. It's not easy for any of us and this pain I'm feeling is probably a quarter of the pain Amber, her family and you are feeling right now. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I will continue to think and pray for Rob and his family.