Saturday, July 30, 2011

On Friday, July 29 Rob Grimshaw left this earth.

I can tell you he left this life a better place because he was in it
and I know he will take great pride in preparing the next
for his beautiful wife and daughters.
We take comfort in knowing families are forever and they will be reunited once again.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support during the past few months. Rob felt it and was overwhelmed. He left knowing that his wife and daughters had a wonderful system support behind them.

The night of his passing was very unexpected by all of us. He was on life support but was doing very well on it. His numbers were good and he was strong. When the time came for him to go, it happened very quickly. His stats were reading normal at 1:30 am. He passed away at 2:30. It was a blessing that it was quick and he didn't seem to struggle through it.

Its very hard to write about the feelings and emotions of such a personal subject, especially when the experience isn't mine. Its my best friend's. I have tried to write in a way that tells his story positively and sensitively but I struggle to know what he would like me to write, especially now. I think if Rob were able to sign on here and leave us all a message he might quote a few lines from his favorite songs, he'd tell us a few jokes (that would probably take Amber about 10 minutes to catch on to) he'd express his love for Amber and his girls, and he would tell us to be happy. He is pain free. He is happy. He is with his mother and brother. He will be with us again.

He tried to convey his love for Amber the night before he was put in to his coma. He didn't know what was coming but he felt a sense of urgency and anxiety to make sure she knew how he felt. He couldn't come up with enough words to explain the deep feelings he felt for her. Amber wasn't ready for that conversation yet, but she told him she loved him too and that she knew he loved her.

They really are an amazing couple that are a wonderful example to all of us. He trusted her every decision and she did everything a person can do, and more. They showed their love for each other and didn't take each other for granted. There was never a conversation that I had with them during this whole experience where they didn't teach me a lesson, give me more faith, or inspire me to do better.

One person that I haven't mentioned a whole lot in this blog is Robi's Dad, Alan. He lives with Robi and Amber and he is AMAZING. He has taken care of the 2 little girls while Rob and Amber traveled. He helps with everything around the house and he is a strength to all of them. He has been there every step of this journey and I am so grateful he is there for Robi's family.

I love them so much and I thank you for all your help during this physically and emotionally painful past few months. Amber, Alan, Joslyn, and Savannah will be blessed and buoyed up by their faith in Jesus Christ.

Amber would really love to hear stories about Robi. If you are uncomfortable leaving a comment here, please email me at and share your stories and memories of him.
Thank you so much.

Slide Show

I will be putting together a slide show presentation for Robi that will be shown at his funeral. We are thinking the service will be Saturday at 11am but that time could change. Stay posted in case it does. If you have any pictures that Amber might not already have, please send them to me at Please try and have those in by Wednesday at the latest. Thank You!

Friday, July 29, 2011

There is no easy way to say it but Robi passed away last night at 2:30 am. Please continue to keep the Grimshaw family in your prayers. Please leave a comment sharing a funny story or good memory of Rob. We will print them to help his young family remember what a great man he is.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


was a hard a day. Early this morning Rob really began struggling to get oxygen. His levels were dropping. For a few hours he struggled to breathe. He was intense in his effort to get air to the point of sweat and exhaustion. When all other options were gone, he voluntarily allowed the hospital staff to put him into a coma so tubes could be put in and fill his lungs with air. Try holding your breathe for a few hours... I understand why he chose this.

It is painful to see him so lifeless but there are alot of good points to this solution. Robi hasn't slept in months, literally! He has been in so much pain that we don't think he has been in a deep sleep since April. (no exaggeration) This way, he is forced to sleep. His body isn't feeling the pain and he can actually rest while he fights the pneumonia. Once he recovers from this, he will go straight to Phoenix! But until then, he must stay and recover before anything else can be done. He is in stable condition now. He is getting the oxygen saturation that he needs and his heart rate is good as well.

He isn't aware of anyone in the room with him. Visitors are very limited. But there is a special bond between Rob and Amber. One that even the coma doesn't break. When Amber is in the room, he knows it. He feels her and responds to her. While she was in the room today, he tried to get up. The nurses asked Amber to leave while they got him settled down again. In order for her to be in the room, she has to quietly sneak in, as if he's awake. That way he doesn't know she's there and she won't disturb his rest. We decided that she won't hold his hand for the rest of today in order for him to get the most rest he can. Before he went to sleep, he promised her he would keep fighting! but he knew he couldn't go on living in his condition.
When he wakes in a few days, he will be strong again. His body will have rested and he will be on his way to treatment in Phoenix.

Please keep him in your positive thoughts and prayers. The power of prayer can make miracles happen.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tonight Rob and Amber are spending another night at Centennial Hills Hospital. He is getting better but its a bit of a slow process because his body is working hard to fight so much at once. The infection in his arm still hasn't cleared up so he is battling that, along with his pneumonia... and tolerating the pain that accompanies it all. For everything he is going through, he is healing well and we hope to start treatment in Arizona a week from today.
We received great news from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston today. They called to let us know that some of Rob's bloodwork results are back and his blood matches their protocol!! VERY exciting!!! They have a treatment that will help Rob and they are going to send the information to Phoenix. When Rob gets to Phoenix next week, he will start treatment from both clinics. We are so thrilled and can't wait to start!
I really enjoyed being at the hospital today. I don't know if it was watching him grasp Amber's hand as the pain became too intense to handle alone or seeing him reach for her when he couldn't catch his breath. Maybe it was watching his dad kiss him on the head as he slept or rubbing his soft new hair that has grown in. Whatever it was, I thought I would visit the hospital to brighten his spirits and I left as the one who was uplifted and taught. He is a fighter. He is strong. And despite the weak condition that he is in, he continues to be so witty and make everyone laugh.

A few things -
We are still fundraising as much as possible to help cover his treatment costs. All of this is alternative, which means insurance covers nothing. Everyone has been so supportive thus far and I know we can continue working together to reach our goals. The cost of treatment will begin at about $4000 per week so we need to keep up our hard work.

If any of you are looking for jewelry, maybe to save for a gift for an upcoming birthday or Christmas gift, please click on our Lia Sophia Jewelry Fundraiser on the right sidebar. All of the proceeds go to Robi.

There is a fundraiser on August 13 at the Cheyenne Saloon located at 3103 N Rancho Dr. LV, NV 89130.

The "Because We Care Country Fair" event will happen on August 20 at the Williams Ranch. The entire ranch is reserved for this fundraiser. There will be swimming, fishing, kayaking, pony rides, horse shoe tourney, face painting and more. Details will be posted this week but mark your calenders.

AND, in September we are having a Yard Sale so please think of anything you may want to donate! If you are ready to get rid of stuff now and don't want to wait until September you can drop it off to one of us so please comment, call or email!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Robi is still in the hospital recovering. The kids made this fun card for him yesterday. It is complete with cookie sprinkles, a popsicle stick heart, handprints, and lots of love. Get Well Soon!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

They've decided on a treatment! They are going to go to the Alternative Care doctors in Phoenix and combine that treatment with the Burzynski clinic after a few weeks. It feels great to finally have the decision made. The doctors feel like they can get a handle on things and help him feel better soon. They will get started in treatment as soon as they can get to Arizona.
Today Rob went to see a doctor in town because he is having some side effects from his new pain medications. The doctor did an x-ray and thought he had pneumonia. This evening Robi was admitted to Centennial Hills hospital in Vegas and diagnosed with pneumothorax. He is in good hands and they'll get him up and going soon. The Cyber Waiting Room will continue pulling for him until he gets on his way!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today was a long day at the Burzynski clinic. The appointment was first thing in the morning and ended as they left the clinic around 5:00.
Before I go any further I need to explain that while at MD Anderson last week, doctors found that Rob's arm had an infection. They removed a tissue sample that should have results available tomorrow. Assuming the infection was there and treatable, doctors put Rob on a regimen of medicine to get rid of it. They also wanted to start Chemotherapy immediately and, in fact, came to his room ready to begin last Friday, but were turned away.

At Burzynski today, Amber walked into the office pushing Rob in his wheelchair and pulling his oxygen tank, anxious and excited to hear something new. Doctors discussed their options based on Rob's history and paperwork. Chemotherapy along with some alternative formulas is what they would like to try on Robi. They have some great treatments for cancer but not sure what Robi will respond to. They decided to collect blood and test it in order to find out what formula they should use. It will take about 3-4 weeks to those results. It was after about 2-3 hours that one of the doctors looked at Robi's arm. He too diagnosed his arm with having an infection. They advised Rob to go back to MD Anderson Emergency Room and get his arm infection treated, then return to Burzynski for treatment and chemo. At MD Anderson the staff said that treating the infection and having chemotherapy was fine to do at the same time. Burzynski insisted that the two treatments (infection and chemo) canNOT be done at the same time. This illustrates an excellent point - Everywhere they go to find answers, the doctors contradict each other. They want to believe all of them but what do they do when the doctors flat out oppose each other? All of the doctors are doing their best and Robi's case is extremely rare. There is no blame or frustration toward the doctors themselves, just frustrating that there isn't any clear answers. One doctor says that Ipt (form of treatment that is only 10% chemo and doesn't affect healthy cells) works great for aggressive cancer while the other says it doesn't work at all. So, to take a very long day and condense it into a very small post, today wasn't what we had hoped for but maybe in the future it will be a resource that will be able to use. Right now 3-4 weeks for results is way too long to wait.

That leaves us with 2 choices, MD Anderson and the alternative care in Phoenix. Both are great options. Amber has done everything she can to learn and interview with doctors around the United States and Mexico. She is having a really hard time deciding where to go. More chemo to his already very weak and suffering body that didn't help the first 3 times? Try alternative care that will help him feel better but may not be aggressive enough to help?

One thing we have decided is that Robi needs his daughters. He is very homesick for them and his depression isn't helping matters. His little girls bring excitement and joy into his life. He not only misses them but he truly NEEDS them around. He is a fairytale father whose life revolves around his family. I will always have a picture in my mind of once when I saw Rob teaching Joslyn how to fish. He was leaning over her shoulder and teaching her all the tricks. She was interested but not quite as much as he was. After a few minutes of patiently waiting for a bite, Joslyn seemed a little bored so Robi was prepared. He brought a net along with him and within a few minutes they were chasing fish around and catching them in the net. That was much more exciting for Joslyn! Keep in mind, she has since taken after her father and become a little fishergirl. Being apart this long is too hard. From now on, 4 days is the magic number. Any longer than that- they will travel with him or he will receive treatment at home.

Tonight, please Pray for Amber to have clarity of mind. That she will be able to make the decision that is right for them at this time. Pray that both of them will feel peace in their decision and pray that the doctors will be inspired as they treat him...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rob was released from MD Anderson Hospital in Houston today. Tomorrow at 9 am he has an appointment with Dr. Burzynski who is also in Houston. This is the last doctor to consult with. We are really excited about him and hope the appointment goes well. There is another young girl in Las Vegas, Kassidy (click her name to read her story), who is also fighting cancer. She receives treatment at the Burzynski clinic and she is doing very well.

This weekend there is another great fundraiser. Sara, a Lia Sophia Jewelry Consultant, is hosting a party where all proceeds will be given to Rob and Amber.

Saturday, July 23 - Open House
Where: 4717 Erica Drive, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
Time: 10:00-4:00
If you are unable to attend and you would still like to purchase, you can order online at Place Robi Grimshaw as the host. Orders may be placed until the 27th of July.

For each order placed, your name will be entered into a Lia Sophia Raffle for free and discounted jewelry as well as other prizes. If any show is booked from this event, 25% of those proceeds will also be donated to the Grimshaws.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Today's Zumba fundraiser was a blast!
Thanks to all of those who came out to shake their booty
and support Rob and Amber.
It's so awesome to be in a room full
of people all there for the same reason.
Thank You!

We love you Rob!

Also thank you for all the sneaker donations so far!
I could hardly shut the back of my van!
The "door ajar" light was flashing
and I had this fear that I would be driving on
the freeway and they would all come bursting out.
Remember you can always take shoes
to any event that's held.
So continue to ask neighbors and coworkers
for any shoes they might have.

Thank you for all of your love and prayers. While sitting in the hospital, it has been encouraging for Rob and Amber to read your comments and see that you are all waiting for his quick recovery.

At first, it was really scary for them to be so quickly admitted into the Emergency Room but after things settled down, we realized that it was actually a blessing. Getting admitted to the MD Anderson hospital is sometimes a lengthy process. Going to E.R. speeds it up and he can get treated more quickly. The first night they sat in a cubicle for about 11 hours waiting for an answer or some direction. Amber was really scared that night and Robi was in severe pain. Amber kept asking them to let her take him home because she knew she could manage his pain better and care for his needs. At about 2 am they were taken to their room and "officially" admitted. The night got better because they were given a great nurse. Amber was finally able to sleep since she knew that nurse understood his pain and she would take good care of him. However, in the morning at shift change the new nurse didn't really understand. Amber just kept praying that she could make her see how Rob was feeling. She never quite understood that pain.

When the doctors came in Rob and Amber were disappointed to hear that chemotherapy was the doctors prescribed treatment. Rob has already done 3 rounds of chemo and it was really hard on his body. Since the scans showed that it didn't help his tumors, Rob was planning to try something different. After waiting so long to get in with this hospital they are really confused about what to do. They know its one of the best hospitals in the world but why are they prescribing the same things they've already been through... that don't work? They have lots of questions... What should they do? Should they go through chemo? Should they try another clinic even though this one has such a great reputation? There is a clinic in Houston, called the Burzynski Clinic. It has been recommended to Amber by a few different doctors and Suzanne Sommers talks a lot about it in her book, "Knock Out". One family who lost a child to cancer also told Amber about it. They thought it was a great alternative but didn't discover it until it was too late. The doctors at Burzynski pretty much do the opposite of chemo. They build up the immune system and healthy cells in order to fight cancer, as opposed to chemo that destroys all cells.

He had an appointment with the Burzynski clinic today but he was still in the hospital and unable to make it. The new appointment is now set for Tuesday. In any case, MD Anderson will release him from the hospital tomorrow. They recommend that he come home to Vegas and start chemo right away, then go back to Houston in about 6 weeks for full on treatment. His oxygen is still low and the tumors have grown since his last scan but all tests on his heart came back healthy and strong. One great thing is that they have options. They are working with some of the best doctors in the world. The only thing left to do is decide. Its a hard decision. No one knows- especially because hardly anyone has seen this before. Amber has a lot of weight on her shoulders knowing that it's her husbands life at stake. She is overwhelmed with the decisions and choices that have to be made. We know the waiting game is dangerous. But she doesn't want to make a decision without looking at all options. Does anyone else feel confused and helpless?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rob's Cyber Waiting Room

Do you remember the picture we posted a few weeks ago of Robi's arm? This is a picture of his arm last week.

Recently, I had a friend share an interesting statistic she learned from a show she had listened to. The guest on the show shared that the number of people sitting in the waiting room for an injured or sick patient receiving care in an Emergency Room had a direct correlation with how the patient fared and recovered. Those with few or no friends or family in the waiting room didn't do as well or recover as quickly as those with many friends and family in the waiting room. The support in the waiting room is like a lifeline and motivation for the patient to pull through and recover. It is the support and strength when a little extra is needed!

Yesterday Robi was admitted to Emergency Room the hospital at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. The doctor is concerned because of his low oxygen levels due to the tumors in his lungs. Doctors will present the treatment process today.

We figure that our blog is like the door between Rob's "Emergency Room" (the hospital/home) and the "Waiting Room" that is cyber space. We would like for everyone reading the blog to leave a comment so they would know who was in their "cyber waiting room". Please let him know you are here and cheering him on. We can and will make a difference in his healing process.

We know there are hundreds of you in Rob's "Waiting Room." Let him know you are here. He's got a lot ahead of him the next few months. I know he'll fare better and recover more quickly with any love and encouragement you wish to share! Thank you so much to everyone for all the love and generosity, in every form: financial, comments and prayers. Experiences like these really showcase the depths of human love and compassion.

Please take a moment to leave a comment. Feel free to comment anonymously or just using your first name--whatever you're comfortable with. This blog is open and waiting for comments from everyone. Please spread the word so anyone who would like to, can sign in at his waiting room.
Thank you.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Interview with Rob!

Rosie Mercado is a model/actress who resides in Nevada, she took the opportunity to interview Robi to share his story and spread the word in hopes of helping him to raise more money for his treatments!!!

Grab the tissue box while you watch! So sweet to hear them talk about their journey.

What a gift... THANK YOU Rosie!


July 15, 2011
at Legacy High School
9:30 a.m.
Kara Brinkerhoff instructing!!!
Babysitting available for $3.00 per child
(All proceeds to go to Robi too!)

T-Shirts available for purchase $20.00 each
They are so cute, see this post for more info.

If you already own a t-shirt wear it on Friday to show your support!

Thank you!!! See you there!!!

For all those who plan on bringing their "dancing shoes" to Zumba on Friday, remember to bring your old athletic shoes too. We will be collecting all sneaker type shoes for Project Sole who in turn will donate for Rob's treatments. Helps those in need of shoes and Rob at the same time. Win win!
See you Friday to shake your groove thang!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stars, Stripes, and Survivors

Cropping for Cancer is a non-profit organization that does scrapbooking and quilting to help raise money for cancer. This Saturday, July 16 from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm there will be a "crop" event to help raise money for Rob. They've named it Stars, Stripes and Survivors. The event will be held in the American Family Insurance Lake Mead Training Room located in the Marnell Corporate Center @ 6750 Via Austin Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89118. It's behind the Panevino restaurant that is located off Sunset Rd.
The event fee is $50/person.
There will be a continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages.
Please visit their website for more information at
They want to start a scrapbook for Robi so please bring any pictures of him or his family, that you may have.
This will be a great event so I hope you can make it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ride for Robi A Success! Thank you!!!

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the Ride or Run for Robi Event. We had a good crowd and a fun morning! We raised $5,000! Everyone that came was so generous. Robi is really blessed to have such a strong support behind him. Today was another successful fundraiser thanks to all of you. Have a good weekend! (...hope you aren't too sore tomorrow) :)

And if you missed out on the shirts, you can still purchase them. Either comment here (don't be shy!) and I'll ask Stacey to get in touch with you or come to zumba this Friday morning at 9:30 at Legacy High School. They're super cute! ...I think it would be cool if we all wore these "Remedy For Robi" shirts to zumba on Friday!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

At the bake sale we had a poster for people to sign and leave Robi a "Get Well" wish.

His daughter Joslyn signed it. She wrote: "I remember when we went and did lots of things. I miss them to but your better than all those things. Feel Better! -Joslyn"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bike Ride Details

At this weekend's "Ride for Robi" Fundraiser we are hosting a 5K run (or walk) along with a 35 mile bike ride.
*There is no set entry fee, all donations are accepted.
*Bike Ride begins at 7:00 am and Run begins at 7:20 am.
*It is a family event so children are welcome to come ride bikes or push a stroller.
*There will be chair massages with 100% of donations being given to the Grimshaw Family.
*Thanks to Stu (Owner of Corporate Graffiti) we will have 200 shirts that he so kindly is donating and we will be selling at the Ride. The shirts are $20 and ALL proceeds go to Amber and Robi so come and buy a shirt.. before or after your bike ride... or run... or walk...

Along with that, there will be an awesome raffle including 2 sets of braces, dental exam and bleaching, Nascar Tickets, and lots more!! Raffle tickets are available online as well or you can email me at to purchase them.

One more thing, we are working with Project Sole to collect shoes for needy families overseas. We will get $2 for every pair of shoes we collect so please bring them to any fundraiser we host or email me to arrange a pick up time. They can be any size or shape (though sneakers are preferred) so dig out those old shoes and donate them to a good cause.

Hope to see you this weekend.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Rob and Amber flew to Phoenix on Sunday. They were able to make contact with someone through the blog and he has really been a huge help. He gave them the name of a doctor in Phoenix and they had their first appointment with him yesterday. (They've been waiting to get in to MD Anderson but it keeps getting postponed because they can't go until his prior hospitals to send over his tissue samples and etc) This doctor takes a comprehensive approach and he is open to researching and incorporating their ideas to make them all mesh together. He believes that Robi's terrible pain is caused by an infection in his arm and he got him started on an antibiotic today. This doctor is against amputating his arm. Amputation will cause alot of inflammation and cancer cells thrive in that. So rather than doing that, he wants to get control of the pain and then attack the system gently without causing more inflammation. Its been a productive few days but very busy and pretty tough on Rob. The doctor appointment is finally set for MD Anderson. It is July 13 at 8 am. This week they will get a little out-patient treatment for him and then make a final decision on doctors next week after their trip to Houston. Whatever she decides, it will be soon because there isn't time to waste. His tumors are spreading quickly and the pain is too much.

The doctor this week is all alternative so insurance covers nothing. It is $4000 per week. He will need to be there at least 4 weeks, and thats just to start. With all of our fundraising, we have been able to alleviate the financial stress on them. They have enough to worry about right now and we are doing awesome in our fundraising. We, you and me, are helping in ways we didn't even expect! Everyone has been so generous both financially and emotionally. The support we have given him helps him keep going on days when it hurts so bad, its unbearable. He needs us. They both do.

On Sunday it was their baby's 2nd birthday. He was in so much pain that, when I left their house, he couldn't even talk. But he wasn't able to rest. He had to get on a flight to Phoenix to make it to his Dr. appointment. Not only was he in severe pain, but he had to leave AGAIN, and even on her birthday. It was very hard for him. He is so close to his children and didn't want to leave her again. He's been gone so much of her little life because of his illness. We can't wait for the day when he is healthy.. and home making giant oreo balls and having movie night with his family.

But we are getting closer to answers and help!! We have hope and with all of our support he will have the strength to continue. Thank you so much for everything so far. You are awesome. Keep it up!


We have been overwhelmed with donations from local businesses who want to help and support Robi. There are more items to be raffled off. If you would like to purchase raffle tickets, please donate via the paypal link to the right of this post, then comment under this post and let me know your name and email to contact you if you win. ALSO, Please tell me which raffle you would like to enter (there are 3 different raffles) If you'd rather purchase tickets in person, we will have them for sale at this weeks Ride For Robi Event on Saturday at Vistas Park.
Tickets are $10 each.

The Raffles are -

1 Set of Phase 1 Braces (phase 1 generally means ages 7-10) includes retainer and x-rays. All those who buy into this raffle receive a free bracket upgrade!! for participating. (valued at $300) Centennial Hills Orthodontics This service without insurance goes for $2700-$3400, depending on the nature of the problem.
2 Purple Penguin Snow Cone Gift Certificates

1 full orthodontic case, including braces. Valued at $6,000! Dr. Lance Whetten
2 Purple Penguin Snow Cone Gift Certificates

Dental Cleaning, Exam, and Xrays, Dr. Kline C. Black
3 Purple Penguin Snow Cone GIft Certificates
1 Haircut by Jana Jarvis, Whoop-de-doos Salon

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Walk in His Shoes

I'm super excited to announce another great opportunity to support Rob. Especially because it is an awesome way to help others in need. We are going to be collecting shoes. The organization is called Project Sole. They collect shoes, pay us a few dollars for each one, then send them to people in need. Most of us can think of a few pairs deep in our closet that don't get used or that have been outgrown right? Dust those babies off and bring them to the run on Saturday. They are looking for "sneaker" type shoes because they work best for the people over seas in need. We will be collecting shoes at all our upcoming events so keep 'em coming. If you would like to help collect shoes in your neighborhood let us know. We would be more than happy to pick them up and help you in your efforts. Thank you for all you do!

Tonight we were talking with Rob and noticing that his hair is starting to grow back. He made the comment that with no hair on his body he has no reason to look in the mirror. Each morning he wipes his eyes clear of sleep and is ready to go for the day. It's hard to see him so uncomfortable with pain but I love how still cracks jokes and makes the best of it.

Today is Savannah's birthday. She is Robi's 2nd daughter and turns 2 years old today. It was shortly after her birth when Robi first starting feeling pain in his left arm. There have been very few times when Robi has been able to hold his baby without feeling discomfort and pain. A few weeks ago, upon returning home from a Chemotherapy treatment, Robi was worn out and spending alot of time in bed. When he felt well enough he dressed himself and went downstairs. Savannah was so happy. She ran to him at bottom of the stairs and threw her arms around his legs in a hug saying "Yay, Daddy is awake!" Happy Birthday beautiful baby girl!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bake Sale Fundraiser

Channel 8 Local News came to the Bake Sale today and interviewed Robi and Amber. You can see it here.

Congratulations to the raffle winners!
Lynn, Rachel, Shannon, Tom, Brett, and Amanda!
Enjoy your awesome prizes!

A HUGE thank you to all of the Bake Sale Fundraiser Supporters! We raised over $7,000! Thank you so much to those who put it together and made it happen. See you at the Bike Ride/5K on the 9th!
Rob's going to be on the news tonight at 6:30. Channel 8 came to the bake sale fundraiser today and interviewed both Robi and Amber. Please tune in!

Friday, July 1, 2011

We have 2 tickets to the UFC fight tomorrow night, Saturday July 2. They were donated to Rob's Bake Sale Fundraiser. We have listed them on eBay. Click here to purchase them.