Monday, July 25, 2011

Tonight Rob and Amber are spending another night at Centennial Hills Hospital. He is getting better but its a bit of a slow process because his body is working hard to fight so much at once. The infection in his arm still hasn't cleared up so he is battling that, along with his pneumonia... and tolerating the pain that accompanies it all. For everything he is going through, he is healing well and we hope to start treatment in Arizona a week from today.
We received great news from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston today. They called to let us know that some of Rob's bloodwork results are back and his blood matches their protocol!! VERY exciting!!! They have a treatment that will help Rob and they are going to send the information to Phoenix. When Rob gets to Phoenix next week, he will start treatment from both clinics. We are so thrilled and can't wait to start!
I really enjoyed being at the hospital today. I don't know if it was watching him grasp Amber's hand as the pain became too intense to handle alone or seeing him reach for her when he couldn't catch his breath. Maybe it was watching his dad kiss him on the head as he slept or rubbing his soft new hair that has grown in. Whatever it was, I thought I would visit the hospital to brighten his spirits and I left as the one who was uplifted and taught. He is a fighter. He is strong. And despite the weak condition that he is in, he continues to be so witty and make everyone laugh.

A few things -
We are still fundraising as much as possible to help cover his treatment costs. All of this is alternative, which means insurance covers nothing. Everyone has been so supportive thus far and I know we can continue working together to reach our goals. The cost of treatment will begin at about $4000 per week so we need to keep up our hard work.

If any of you are looking for jewelry, maybe to save for a gift for an upcoming birthday or Christmas gift, please click on our Lia Sophia Jewelry Fundraiser on the right sidebar. All of the proceeds go to Robi.

There is a fundraiser on August 13 at the Cheyenne Saloon located at 3103 N Rancho Dr. LV, NV 89130.

The "Because We Care Country Fair" event will happen on August 20 at the Williams Ranch. The entire ranch is reserved for this fundraiser. There will be swimming, fishing, kayaking, pony rides, horse shoe tourney, face painting and more. Details will be posted this week but mark your calenders.

AND, in September we are having a Yard Sale so please think of anything you may want to donate! If you are ready to get rid of stuff now and don't want to wait until September you can drop it off to one of us so please comment, call or email!

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  1. Rob and Amber, I'm sooo happy to hear that things are looking good for treatment options! We pray for you daily! You are an inspiration to us all! Keep fighting! Miracles Happen Everyday!
    With love,
    Janelle Gratteau