Friday, June 24, 2011

Avon Fundraiser

Becky Prusse and her family is hosting an Avon Fundraiser to help raise money for the Grimshaw Family - all proceeds will go to them! You can help by passing out information on the Grimshaw Family Avon Fundraiser to all of your personal friends and family (the more people who know, the more money can be raised!)

The fundraiser is easy...
Order Avon products. Stock up now on everything your family uses, gifts, etc. Its easy to order.
1. Call or email Becky your order (702)413-9168 or
2. Go to and place your order directly with Avon. Use FREE shipping code FSC14

After you've ordered, please email her your information so she can update you on how much money we've raised for the Grimshaw family! Orders are due by July 7, 2011. Thanks for helping this wonderful family.

Becky Prusse - 702.413.9168 or cell 925.354.1494

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