Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Fun Weekend

It was a lot of fun this weekend at the fair. Thank you to all of you who made the drive and came to support Robi's family. I think everyone that came had a great time, I know I did. There were so many of you who volunteered and we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for all of your help! Between every activity and booth we required over 100 volunteers in order to accomplish what we did. If anyone has pictures to share, please email them to me at

Tears filled my eyes many times throughout the day as I looked over to the main road and saw all the cars lined up and down. The balloon release was simply beautiful and I was so proud to be a part of this. I have many memories of Robi at the ranch but today will forever be my favorite. He would've loved to see his family there and all the people who came to support them, but he also would've loved to see all of the families who came out together - parents and children spending time together. Family time was very important to him and I know this fundraiser was more than just that. It was a tribute to Robi and his great example of love, friendship, adventure, and family unity.

If somehow it is possible to break the barrier and see what is going on here on earth while he is heaven, I imagine its hard for him to see Amber alone. He knows how she feels and he's probably sad that he can't help her or take away her pain. He loved her more than anything so, although this transition is easier on him than it is on Amber, it is still difficult for him to see her suffer. We are his hands here on earth. Let's keep watching out for Amber, Joslyn and Savannah and making sure they are not alone. Stop by to visit, help out whenever you can (Amber LOVES chocolate!), keep them in your prayers.

I know I'm a nerd for saying this but it makes me happy to think maybe he did get to grab a few of those balloons from the sky. Maybe he did get to touch the one's from his girls and Amber seconds after it left their hands. Whether its a silly thought or not, it makes me smile and I like to think he did. Just as we said as we released the balloons, "We Love You Robi!"


  1. i love it :) sorry I missed it... you guys are awesome.

  2. This was my favorite! I LOVED this!! It was awesome!