Monday, August 1, 2011

Because We Care Country Fair

We are still going to go on with the fundraisers that we have planned for Robi and his family. It will give us a chance to celebrate his life and share memories together. The ranch was one of Robi's favorite places so we are excited to have the fair in his honor. We originally started fundraising to earn money to pay for his alternative treatment but now our focus has changed a little. We will now fundraise to pay for the medical bills that will continue to come in for the next few months, and to pay for funeral costs. Anything extra will go in to a trust for his 2 little girls. I know Robi will be watching from above and eternally grateful for the support shown to his young family.

(click on the flyer to enlarge)

Please visit our blog, made specifically for this fair, to find out more information regarding the fair. Its going to be so much fun!! Simply click the on the link below the flyer.

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  1. Wow, What a great find. We are doing an event just like yours. There is a family in our small group from church who are trying to adopt. We are putting on a country fair for them on Oct. 1st at a great farm with a red barn and all. Is there anyway you would share your flyer template with us, so that we could use it for our fair as well? It is exactly what we are looking for!!