Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Rob and Amber flew to Phoenix on Sunday. They were able to make contact with someone through the blog and he has really been a huge help. He gave them the name of a doctor in Phoenix and they had their first appointment with him yesterday. (They've been waiting to get in to MD Anderson but it keeps getting postponed because they can't go until his prior hospitals to send over his tissue samples and etc) This doctor takes a comprehensive approach and he is open to researching and incorporating their ideas to make them all mesh together. He believes that Robi's terrible pain is caused by an infection in his arm and he got him started on an antibiotic today. This doctor is against amputating his arm. Amputation will cause alot of inflammation and cancer cells thrive in that. So rather than doing that, he wants to get control of the pain and then attack the system gently without causing more inflammation. Its been a productive few days but very busy and pretty tough on Rob. The doctor appointment is finally set for MD Anderson. It is July 13 at 8 am. This week they will get a little out-patient treatment for him and then make a final decision on doctors next week after their trip to Houston. Whatever she decides, it will be soon because there isn't time to waste. His tumors are spreading quickly and the pain is too much.

The doctor this week is all alternative so insurance covers nothing. It is $4000 per week. He will need to be there at least 4 weeks, and thats just to start. With all of our fundraising, we have been able to alleviate the financial stress on them. They have enough to worry about right now and we are doing awesome in our fundraising. We, you and me, are helping in ways we didn't even expect! Everyone has been so generous both financially and emotionally. The support we have given him helps him keep going on days when it hurts so bad, its unbearable. He needs us. They both do.

On Sunday it was their baby's 2nd birthday. He was in so much pain that, when I left their house, he couldn't even talk. But he wasn't able to rest. He had to get on a flight to Phoenix to make it to his Dr. appointment. Not only was he in severe pain, but he had to leave AGAIN, and even on her birthday. It was very hard for him. He is so close to his children and didn't want to leave her again. He's been gone so much of her little life because of his illness. We can't wait for the day when he is healthy.. and home making giant oreo balls and having movie night with his family.

But we are getting closer to answers and help!! We have hope and with all of our support he will have the strength to continue. Thank you so much for everything so far. You are awesome. Keep it up!

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  1. God is grate and His generosity has no end. I hope your doctors will find a good treatment for your problems.

    Hugs and good wishes from Germany.