Wednesday, July 27, 2011


was a hard a day. Early this morning Rob really began struggling to get oxygen. His levels were dropping. For a few hours he struggled to breathe. He was intense in his effort to get air to the point of sweat and exhaustion. When all other options were gone, he voluntarily allowed the hospital staff to put him into a coma so tubes could be put in and fill his lungs with air. Try holding your breathe for a few hours... I understand why he chose this.

It is painful to see him so lifeless but there are alot of good points to this solution. Robi hasn't slept in months, literally! He has been in so much pain that we don't think he has been in a deep sleep since April. (no exaggeration) This way, he is forced to sleep. His body isn't feeling the pain and he can actually rest while he fights the pneumonia. Once he recovers from this, he will go straight to Phoenix! But until then, he must stay and recover before anything else can be done. He is in stable condition now. He is getting the oxygen saturation that he needs and his heart rate is good as well.

He isn't aware of anyone in the room with him. Visitors are very limited. But there is a special bond between Rob and Amber. One that even the coma doesn't break. When Amber is in the room, he knows it. He feels her and responds to her. While she was in the room today, he tried to get up. The nurses asked Amber to leave while they got him settled down again. In order for her to be in the room, she has to quietly sneak in, as if he's awake. That way he doesn't know she's there and she won't disturb his rest. We decided that she won't hold his hand for the rest of today in order for him to get the most rest he can. Before he went to sleep, he promised her he would keep fighting! but he knew he couldn't go on living in his condition.
When he wakes in a few days, he will be strong again. His body will have rested and he will be on his way to treatment in Phoenix.

Please keep him in your positive thoughts and prayers. The power of prayer can make miracles happen.


  1. Prayers and thoughts with you rob and amber!!! Remember father in heaven is very aware of you both and does have a plan, just trust and have faith in him. My love and support is with you guys and your family...

  2. Amber, I am so so sorry to hear of Rob's passing. Please call me to talk any time. I really do know what you are going through now and later. You have a great support group, lean on them all you can, it will help. I love you, Aunt Sandee