Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Thursday evening. Rob and Amber are still in Las Vegas. MD Anderson in Houston is trying to schedule an appointment to see Robi but the doctor that he needs to see is out of town until next week. We hoped they would get in this week but it'll still be a few more days. It's kind of a waiting game. Time is limited, but time is what it takes to get in. It's a little scary to sit and wait, with no treatment.
But to make time pass more quickly, Robi's sister and her family have been here (in town from Arizona) all week to help. They have been preparing meals, reading books and researching online. It has been alot of help to both Robi and Amber.
On Monday morning Amber was able to speak with a pain management nurse at Huntsman Cancer Center. They came up with a safe way to increase his pain medication to prevent any more pain attacks like he had on Sunday. Unfortunately, the dosage couldn't be increased until Monday night so he suffered for a few days. ... Suffered is an understatement. He couldn't even make it to his doctor appointment on Monday morning because of the severity of the pain. Not sure how to describe a pain that is so much more than anything I have ever felt, or probably ever will feel, in my life. He is fighting, whether by his choice or not, he is fighting.
Tuesday was a much better day. Wednesday and today have been about the same. The Review Journal contacted us today and are going to print Robi's story in the July 12 issue. He was also asked to be on a radio news station for an interview on Monday, July 4th to share his story and his cause. If it works around his doctor appointments, he'll do it. I'll be sure to give you all of the information so you can listen.
The bake sale is Saturday. We are hoping to raise enough money that we will have enough for them to get started on treatment as soon as they find the right doctor. MD Anderson is looking very promising. The Hope For Cancer Clinic in Mexico looks promising as well. No decisions have been made but I will definitely make a post when a treatment has been agreed upon and started.


  1. Hello,altough I didnt know robi or amber I did go to eldorado at the same time they did,i also have cousins that did play soccer with name is laura cerrone and my husband & I would like to help,donate money or whatever I can di to help.i came across tge news and recognuzed the name.i an praying everyday for him n his family..please let me know

  2. Laura,
    Thank you so much for checking out the blog. I will keep you in mind as we plan upcoming fundraisers! For now, please just spread the word about Robi. Let people read his story and get to know him on this blog. The more that know his story, the more help and support he has. If you'd like to donate, please look at the options on the sidebar of the website. You can donate via paypal or mail a check to the Charitable organization that is set up in Robi's behalf. It is the USSSA and the info is listed on the side bar as well. Thanks again! Hope to see you Saturday!

  3. Thank u for the deffintly spreading the word..and trying to get everyone I know to help donate as well.i will not stop helping,praying ..i will do whatever it takes to help..bless him.and his family,once again thank u lindsay

  4. Hi Robi and Amber, this is Sue, Ann & Mark's friend. It's been a long time since I have seen you when I left Vegas I think Joslyn was not even 2. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. My heart is breaking for you guys, I am saying so many prayers. I know Amber's determination and your strong will, will go so far. I have already posted this blog on my FB in hopes to get you more help, in any way they can. Stay strong the best you can and know you have so many people that love and care about you!!! Hugs and kisses from my family to yours!!!!